Time apart

Dragonfly and kitten

One of the toughest issues to deal with from my perspective is having time away from both of my partners.

First let me try and put this into perspective based upon how my personal situation and setup works.

I currently split my time between working down upon the south coast of England near my girlfriend and weekends up with wife and kids in the Midlands.

This is a geographical separation of around 200 miles, so just popping around for a chat, coffee or cuddle is just not really realistic.

It also means that each of my adorable partners spends at least two or three days without me around, which can be hard for both of them.

I’ve grown accustomed to this weekly ebb and flow in ways, but I’ve never been able to truly accept the feeling of being apart from either of them; I leave a part of myself in safe keeping with each partner when I leave and claim it back when I return. I miss them both at some point during the week, it hurts.

I don’t always get everything right the first time or even the second, but I’m always striving to improve myself for the benefit of those I love and choose to love me.

To my Dragonfly & Kitten xXx

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