Social Conditioning

The dangers of so

We are all products of our environment and in some way it shapes the way we look at the word.

So based upon this assumption it is probably safe to say that the first thought which comes into our heads in any given situation is highly likely to be what we have been conditioned to accept as the socially acceptable norm.

If we can learn to recognise this heavily ingrained social conditioning we can then begin to start to challenge it and question if it’s really something we belive in.

It’s not easy to unlearn ideas and concepts that we have all grown up with and accepted, but it does become easier to achieve with time and practice.

So try it today, look at a situation or person and then analysis the first thought that comes into your head. Question if it’s really what you think or what you’ve learned to think due to te pressures of social conditioning.

You might be surprised.

5 thoughts on “Social Conditioning

      1. I wholeheartedly agree, TK. After I reconciled with my father he started saying “take the second thought” every time I talked to him. Without any explanation.

        It took a few times but I got it. He was teaching me that our first thoughts are many times someone else’s.

        It was one of the wisest things my dad ever taught me.

        You reminded me of that and I thank you.

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