Sweet and innocent

I am sweet and innocent - honest

poly friend of mine shared a recent conversation that he had with one of his partners and it made me smile, so I’ve decided to share it with you.

Partner: I’m sweet and innocent!

Spark: Sweet I will grant you, you’re lovely. In what way are you innocent?


Partner: I’ve never had sex with more than 5 people at once.

Spark: <smirk>

There may have been high-fiving…

4 thoughts on “Sweet and innocent

  1. While she was alive, I generally loathed the comedy of the late Joan Rivers. But she did say a couple of really funny things and this is one of them:

    “I don’t understand! A guy sleeps around, balling as many chicks as he can get, and the call him a ‘stud!’ But let a girl sleep with19 or 20 guys, and they call her a ‘slut!'”

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