Missing Someone


Missing someone

Have you ever wondered why you miss someone, is it because you love that person, like that person or maybe it’s just an infatuation?

We will keep on trying to discover what the reason for missing that person really is. Searching to identify the reason or magic ingredient that we desire, need or want.

Sometimes we actually find ourselves miss people we hate and many times we miss people that we fight with all the time, but when they are not around we have a hole within our lives.

When we want to continue a relationship with a person we keep on missing, we need to be clear about what our intentions are likely to be and why we want them within our lives.

So the reason might be one of the following:

  • Miss someone special we are in love with
  • Purely infatuation
  • A respect for his/her qualities.
  • A person that is always there when we need someone to lean on

The following blog post looks at what it’s like when we are hit full in the heart with love, I like the simple observations it makes.

“The scariest part of loving someone is when you feel like you don’t have control over your feelings anymore. It’s like it develops inside of you and is so quick to take over, snatching …”

Source: Falling

One thought on “Missing Someone

  1. I met Sara 19 years ago, Ceannt almost 6. While we are very much three individuals, we haven’t ever missed each other. We’re in each other’s heads and hearts. With nothing to hide, no shameful secrets between us, man……

    T’other day Ceannt posted a picture and a short tale, “Seeing Stars,” and he quoted the end of a poem which sums us up:

    But at night now when I look up
    And I see the stars above
    I’m reminded how you saved me
    And healed me with your love.

    Please, please, do not think that I’m flaunting here, it’s that I’ve lived a long and very colorful life, and made every mistake possible along the way; and am, miraculously, blessedly, still here to talk about it – and they have their part in that, for which I give thanks.


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