Someone Watching?

Would you let someone watch you have sex?

Have you ever dreamed of watching other people have sex or being watched?

Let’s face it, Sex is fun to watch 🙂

Voyeurism — in fact, sex in general — really starts to make you wonder whether anyone was really built for monogamy.

Psychologists and evolutionists alike, have always suggested that humans are gregarious by nature, but maybe we’ve completely underestimated ourselves.

Maybe we need or actually desire new company within our sex lives, to successfully achieve new peaks of sexual gratification.

It’s not that our partners are insufficient as people; it’s just that we most probably all need some form of novelty to spice things up and reach a new high.

Let’s also be clear that nothing can spark jealousy more heavily than witnessing an emotional connection between our partner and someone else. But we must remember that the chance of that happening motivates us to stay invested in the relationships.

The following post made me really think about this subject – please take a look.

“A female friend surprised my wife and I recently by asking if she could watch us have sex. We had been talking about how common and mainstream is was becoming to watch porn. She admitted to watching and said she liked amateur ‘real’ porn best. She liked the naturalness of it … the flaws, the […]

via Would you Let Someone Watch?

5 thoughts on “Someone Watching?

  1. Setting the curtains to one side, getting comfortable and ready to be turned on. Will Master allow me to participate so He can watch, or will i be the voyeur tonight? Throbbing either way… 💜

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  2. Hee Hee. I need to review what I type in before submitting. Of course I meant, “hubby and I” unless perhaps it was you peering in the window. 😀. And I kinda like the term “having sexy,” even though I meant “having sex.”

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