Insecurity & Depression

insecurity will destroy you written on a chalk board

I read a post a while back when someone was obviously in a bad place and struggling with their own personal insecurities and there manifestation as depression.

They have listed each and numbered them. It had obviously taken a lot of thought, courage and general self analysis to achieve.

I believe that by performing this action they were able to understand themselves a bit more and move forward while confronting their own personal issues.

I personally believe we can learn a lot from the authors actions and by doing so take ownership of our insecurity. It is only by doing so that we can shake of the shackles of our own self doubt and move forward with a better understanding of ourselves and our personal baggage.

I feel tears forming in my eyes. So, I’m counting to fifteen. One. “You’re stupid.” Two. “Loser.” The truth runs wild, like the rain to the sea. Three.

Source: Counting to Fifteen.

One thought on “Insecurity & Depression

  1. There are empathetic hearts and ears around us, we often can’t see them because we feel we’re “not good enough” to talk with them. Not everyone cares in that manner, obviously. I fell far enough down the rabbit hole in 1996 (a year before I met Sara) that I took enough poison to kill ten people and…….it did, but I started breathing again 15 minutes later. But Sara DID care, DOES care, same with Ceannt. Whoever reads this, you are not alone and life is worth living!

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