How Daddy makes me feel

I’ve discovered that there is a massive difference between the title “Daddy” to “Dominant” in a D/s relationship and also between Daddy as a title for a father. I personally had many reservations about this title, but have come to realise it is nothing more than that: a title.

A Daddy Dom is not interested in any acts of pedophilia, incest or any other paraphernalia act associated with children. The title is often unfortunately often misunderstood and associated with that, which is so wrong.

When a baby girl calls her Daddy by title, the feeling is not associated with feelings that she might get when she calls her really father the same title. This is generally the same with any other multi-use word in our language wonderfully confusing language.

As an example, the word love can be used to describe many things, in many different ways. You don’t really have the same feelings for when you say you love cookies as you do when you say you love a partner.

So I’ve tried to make a list of key features all good Daddies aspire too provide for their special little treasures

  1. Love & Support
  2. Guardian & Protector
  3. Mental & Emotional Sanctuary
  4. Mentor, Teacher & Friend
  5. Structure & Discipline
  6. Enlightened Sexuality
  7. A Rock in the storm
  8. Life skills for Living

I’ve provided a link to the source of my inspiration for this quick little piece, I hope it provides some further insight on the subject.

“I had a person who said they are a Dom and a Daddy but they way they talked to me (on twitter) was rude and disgusting. I showed Daddy right away and he told him he was not a Dom or a Daddy or at least not a good one if that was how he was going to talk to a Baby girl. It made me feel good to be protected.”

Source: 10 ways Daddy makes me feel like his Baby girl

5 thoughts on “How Daddy makes me feel

      1. It can sound bad from just the title. But as a baby girl I am submissive but I need more attention than just a submissive or slave. Daddy is a strong Dominate but he has was of calming my baby girl side. It fits and works for us.

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