On Managing New Relationship Energy (NRE)

Polyamory in the sand

The following is rather an insightful view on the concept of managing new relationship energy.

I’ve had the pleasure of riding this wave a couple of time and the key is trying to take your existing partners with you on the ride and keeping yourself grounded.

Easier said than done…

So have a read and tell me what you think 🙂


Slut, Ph.D.

One of the biggest challenges in poly life is new relationship energy, often abbreviated to NRE. My best friend and I actually worded that acronym (pronouncing it nuh-ree) and would go around squealing it whenever relevant like a couple of birds. (me: “omg she is so cute have you seen her hair and she always wears the best shoes and unf and she texted me like 100 times yesterday” her: “nuhree! nuhree!”).

NRE is also sometimes known as “twitterpation, ” which is a term I know some people despise as patronizing and trivializing. I think it’s adorable, especially given the original context:


The clip provides a decent overview of the concept: NRE and twitterpation are both associated with giddy and semi-obsessive feelings around the object of one’s affection. People in the throes of NRE also tend to be blind or at least uncaring about the object’s faults. And there’s…

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3 thoughts on “On Managing New Relationship Energy (NRE)

  1. Almost lost me with the ‘mono muggles’ remark. I’m a bit weary of the inference that we wired monogamously are somehow idiots, archaic or unenlightened. I am none of these.

    I’m way past ready to see people accept each other’s choices without the snark.

    But, I soldiered on and found it quite fascinating stuff.

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      1. It’s in all communities, TK. It’s a natural reaction to being judged I think. I found it early on when I first explored the kink community too. ‘If you don’t think, look, or play like me’ thing. I walked away. I don’t need that nonsense.

        I’m not willing to play that way anymore. If I show you respect, do the same for me. We need to evolve beyond the need to paint humanity with broad strokes every time we manage to breakthrough old boundaries.

        I really believe our future joy is in learning to respect and appreciate the subtleties of every individual and their unique desires and needs.

        Oh what fun that will be!

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