Relationship Killers

Narcissism is a relationship killer

Within every relationship there are often subtle and not so subtle signs that it may not work out. The primary one is more often than not narcissism.

The type of people who are very self-focused and place their personal self interests above everything else are best avoided where possible in my experience.

I always try to give these types of people an initial chance, but the majority of them don’t see that there is actually a problem and therefore see no reason to change their behaviour.

The worst type are those that never see anything as their fault. For them someone else is always to blame, or the universe is conspiring against them.

It’s such a shame that they are unable to take responsibility for their own actions or inactions and by doing so doom any relationship they engage in to failure from the start.

Insecurity is also a major relationship killer, it often creeps in and suffocates a relationship before it’s even had a chance to develop.

Those who express fatalistic views at an early stage, are laying the foundation for yet another glorious disaster right from a relationships initial inception. If you start looking at their past relationship history you are likely to see a pattern forming.

The following post explores the impact of narcissism and it’s manifestations.

Source: Relationship Red Flags

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