Polyamory & Time Management

Time management

With any relationship time management it critical, special people in our lives want and deserve attention.

Making time for a single partner is normally achievable, as soon as this number increases the whole game begins to change quite rapidly.

Many people start out in polyamory thinking and believing the following misconception.

“How hard can it be to make time multiple partners?”

The correct response is;

“Harder than you expect”

I have learned the hard way that there are many drains placed upon our individual time that we often take for granted and fail to recognise when we get swept up by the poly bug and NRE.

Simple things like eating, sleeping, travelling, personal time, hobbies and then we get to the more obvious commitments, like existing relationships, family, work, friends and daily household chores.

When our look at it like this you will suddenly realise exactly how much time you do or don’t have for additional relationships. So managing the expectations of all parties involved becomes very critical.

Sometimes it the little things that matter, sending a text, replying to an instant message, writing an email or giving some one a quick call.

It’s also important to make sure people don’t expect an immediate response to every message, we have busy lives full of hidden commitments and invisible or at least unforeseen demands place upon use every day.

Understand that this also applies to everyone else is extremely important,no response within 10 minutes is not cause to suspect someone is ignoring you carefully crafted message wishing that special person “Good morning”.

Be realistic, manage other peoples expectations, mange your own expectations and above all stay flexible and positive.

Is some ways I hate the pressure now play Ed upon each of us to” Stay connected”, Tegen smart phone can steal your life if you don’t remain in control.

Don’t be afraid to ask for time or space you need and do what it takes to manage the precious time that you have carefully.

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