Poly gone mad

Poly family car sticker

My girlfriend is travelling down to see her family and noticed this set of family stickers in the back of a car in front.

Conclusive proof that big poly families are alive and well in the UK.

I actually miss my big poly family from my first venture into polyamory. I miss the kids most of all. It’s something you never really think about until it’s gone.

I really wonder what the future of the polyamorous lifestyle will be. In many ways it makes so much more sense than the normal perceived families model. The distribution of responsibility, shared financial load and general support when it’s work are all positive features in my opinion.

It’s going to be interesting to watch how it evolves from a legal perspective too.

Acceptance into the mainstream will always be the biggest hurdle, because breaking down 10,000 years of social programme is not going to happen over night.

All those currently involved, are the pioneers and ambassadors for our way of life. We must all be mindful of our actions and decisions.

We will be judged.

3 thoughts on “Poly gone mad

  1. In his last novel, “Island,” (1968), Aldous Huxley touched upon the major social themes which had pre-occupied him since his 1934 “Brave New World,” and among them were the numerous and grievous faults of the traditional ‘nuclear family.’ Te book is preachy and pedantic, but he makes this point particularly well. Less well known is what happened in the early days of the Soviet Union, when Lenin was in charge. Parental authority was greatly diminished, kids could seek other families, laws against homosexuality were abolished. After Stalin poisoned Lenin, all of these advances were overturned. In the USA during the middle of the 19th century, a fellow named John Humphrey Noyes established the Oneida Community, a sort of commune where parenting was more universal; children were not stuck with the same Mom and Dad 24/7/365. He wrote something called “Biblical Communism,” which you can read here:


    ……I wonder how that got there wink wink!

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