What is true beauty?

I came across this blog post while catching up on who’s been liking some of my posts resently. I always consider it good blogger courtesy to have a quick nose around and see what they have to say.

I suspect it was a combination of the title and associated image that drew me in. So I started to read and I’m happy to say I wasn’t disappointed.

I personally believe that beauty is in the mind, eye and heart of the beholder.

Many of us have a tendency to look to fast and not see what’s truly in front of us.

There are too many preconceptions in the world, we need to all look beyond those and discover our own truths and values beyond those sold to us by society and especially the media.

“This is such a recurrent question in our life. Is she really beautiful? (according to global parameters of prettiness, like if they existed haha!) and what makes a woman beautiful to a common men’s eyes? (and we sure look a lot).”

Source: What is true beauty?

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