That Compersion Feeling

When someone else happiness is your happiness that's love and compersion

Today has been a really interesting day for me, work was fairly boring but a call with my wife this morning has been a bit of a potential game changer for her.

During our early morning catch up call she asked if it was okay if she went on a social date with someone she’s been communicating with online.

I was initially surprised but also extremely happy for her, in fact it made me smile. I could tell she was both nervous and excited at the same time.

We went over the usual safe stuff around letting someone know where she was before, during and after her date and then got on with our respective days.

It wasn’t until around mid afternoon tat I heard from her, she was really happy and give me a little bit of info about this prospective new friend in her life.

I’m actually still feeling happy for her as I write this post, I know it’s early days but I hope to try and become a master of compersion for her. She has been so good to me on this front, so I need to return that support trust and love.

Imwsure I’ll wobble at some point, but understand how I feel has become a lot easier since I accepted my need to be poly.

I truly hope it develops into what she wants, needs and desires.

I’m looking forward to seeing her riding that wave of NRE if it works out.


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