“Giving” and “Taking”


Beautiful view and table for two - give and take

The concept of “give” and “take” is perhaps the  corner stone of any good relationship and even more important within a polyamorus one.

It is often hard to not jump to unfounded conclusions or play out worst case scenarios in our heads that breath life into our own personal green eyed monsters and demons.

Striking a flexible balance and accepting that even the best made plans don’t always play out is a critical skill in the polyamorous tool kit.

When something goes wrong we need to work out why and how best to mitigate the chances of it occurring again in the future. This is often where the balance between “giving” and “taking” becomes vitally important.

The following blog post opens up this concept about balancing the two actions in a really accessible way from a women’s perspective but it’s also true for a man, but the pressures are often culturally different.

Take a look and draw your own conclusions.

“Women are simultaneously advised not to over-give and also not to be “too needy” or childish, in that they are taking more than they give in a relationship, whether that be with a significant other or among friends.”

Source: “Giving” and “Taking”

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