Staying Neutral

Sometimes it hard to try and stay neutral when you’re poly.

“I’m a fixer.”

Personally I tend to be a bit of a rescuer and I believe it’s a facet of my personality that makes me very appealing to my partners. I like to listen and solve problems when possible, which is not always the best approach but that’s who I am.

When you’re having a bad day it’s so easy to be blinded by personal insecurities and before you know it start projecting those onto a partner or their other relationships.

I read the following article a while back and I can really empathise with the authors views.

Staying neutral in a poly relationship is a skill we are need to cultivate and nurture.

“I’m a fixer. I always have been. Someone has a problem, and I want to help them fix it. That can either be by sympathizing and validating their anger, or by helping them find a solution.”

Source: Staying Neutral

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