Watering your Submissive

I read the following post a while back and saved it for a rainy day.

It talks about a simple task and the consequences or non-compliance.

The D/s relationship dynamic is always fascinating especially when framed in such a beautiful way.

Have a read and feel free to share your views as always.

Okay, so I didn’t keep up with “drink 8 glasses of water” rule. At all. Four times I missed the mark. After the first time Mister took me over his lap for 64 spankings..

Source: Watering your Submissive

One thought on “Watering your Submissive

  1. So much can be derived from this non-compliance, and it just depends on dynamics of the relationship. Maybe the consequence wasn’t severe enough the first time to prevent the continued behavior.
    Maybe the submissive simply isn’t respectful enough to do as requested.
    Maybe both Dominant and submissive enjoy the push and pull garnered from the disobedience.
    Soo many thoughts and possibilities…

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