Safe words

Safe word

What is so important about a safe word anyway?

Why is there such a stigma attached to using one during a scene?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot this evening, not really sure why, but I needed to share it.

I also found a little scribble that says it all from my perspective, I hope you understand why it’s so important and has to be respected.

Using your safe word, does not say “I’m weak”

Rather it says “I matter”

Yielding to a safe word, does not say “I’m disappointed”

Rather it says “I care”

5 thoughts on “Safe words

  1. For the first time in 5 and half years i used my safe word. Master was upset because it was during a discipline session, he of course, yielded to it, but I think it made him feel that i don’t trust him any more.

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    1. It should never be considered a sign of weakness or disappointment. It’s in place for a reason and that’s too be used if something is wrong. I’d urge you to talk about it.


      1. We will. I think it’s more of He thinks I don’t trust Him anymore. Which isn’t the case. We are just needing to get past the emotional impact of it first.

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  2. I’ll admit it took me a long time to get that stigma out of my head. I would never safeword. I got into trouble multiple times because I was told that it made me unsafe or uncomfortable to play with. (By play partners at parties, not my Master at the time.) I’m thankful that I’ve gotten past that and actually safeworded the first time last year. I was proud of me.

    This is an important issue, and I thank you for bringing it up. 🙂

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