Poly holiday – Last day

View from hotel in Corfu on poly holiday

We’ve all had an amazing time this week in Corfu, I will be posting details of the hotel later on and a review from a poly friendly perspective.

The weather has been stunning, food is great and the views amazing just a shame that it has to end.

I actually lived on the island for about 5 months about 20 years ago. I worked on the beach during the day and in a tavernas in the evening, it was a fantastic experience.

Everytime I come back it feels hard to leave, but I guess that’s as I see it through somewhat rose tinted glasses. I suspect the reality of living here again would not live up to my dreams and previous experiences of the place. So perhaps it just needs to remain as a place I occasionally escape to for now.

Coach is due soon, so I need to post this before I lose WiFi access.

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