Captain Theos – BBQ

Captain Theos cruise and beach barbecue - Corfu

We had a wonderful day out today on the Captain Theos BBQ from Corfu. The man is a true showman, host and entertainer, after all he’s been doing it for over 36 years.

He’s engaging, charming, cheeky and quintessential Greek to the core. The commentary was funny and just at the right leave to keep his audience and customers engaged.

We had some fun freaking out a few of the other members of the party with a few open poly shows of affection and it was most amusing, as a three we rock.

Tonight is unfortunately our last night but it been a good learning experience for all of us.

The bags are packed, we are all still talking and laughing, if a bit tired tonight.

I have two amazing partners and I count myself very lucky indeed. Going back to work on Tuesday is gonna be a bit of a shock.

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