To tag or not to tag

To tag or not to tag on Facebook

Been struggling with something over the last few days and it’s around tagging on Facebook while we are away.

We are openly poly with people we trust but not necessarily everyone. Specifically my mother in-law. We have to date not let her know about what’s going on, on the poly front.

We have not told her about my new girlfriend and our soft-triad after what happened last time. It’s just not worth the aggro that it’s likely to cause at the moment. Personally I don’t really care but the impact it will have on my wife is my major concern.

However, it feels like we are having to hide a very key part of our lives. So we have decided to do it anyway via my girlfriends account, so her family and friends know what’s going on and that we are having a good time.

If the mother in-law works it out we’ll just deal with the consequences when they arise.

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