Time alone to reflect

Time to reflect while having lunch by the pool in Corfu

I’m having one of these rare moments alone during our poly holiday.

Just a bit of time and space to have a little lunch and sink a beer.

I’m generally a very social animal but I do sometimes like the odd moment to myself, so I can reflect on the past, present and potentially future. At the moment it’s all looking really good and I have a contented smile on my face. I’m starting to feel recharged and understand how much I really needed this time away.

Unfortunately the clock is ticking and it will soon be time to start packing the bags and head back to the UK.

I really need to remember not to leave such large gaps between my holidays, but it’s so hard finding the time and money. The kids want to go abroad too, but I’m really not sure when I can arrange it. I’ll have to look at the calendar when I get back and start making plans. Last ting we did like that was a cruise, so I might look at that as an option later this summer.

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