Bad kids on the bus

Bad poly kids on back

We’ve had a fun day out on Wednesday on the back seat of the bus all over Corfu. We hijacked the back seat because it was the only way to all sit together.

It was also a rather cunning way of get around open shows of affection without drawing unnecessary and unwanted attention to ourselves. (Result!)

However I suspect a few of those on the bus may have figured it out and I did notice a couple of either confused or disapproving looks, like we really care…

Holidaying as a three has proved to be interesting as expected making decisions has also become quite rapid as the first two to agree on a course of action carry the vote generally.

We’ve alternated seating arrangements at breakfast, lunch and dinner. No one always sites in the middle and that really works for us. Sunbeds have been more of a free for all, depending on who wants sun or shade.

Playing together in the pool has also been so much fun, those that stare tend to give up after a while or if all three of us stare back.

We’ve had fun getting house keeping to leave enough towels, surely the extra bed gives it away, not that it’s been used that much unless someone gets to hot or starts snoring.

I have more stories to tell once I have a better Internet connection and time.

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