Poly holiday – Day 1&2

Poly holiday day 2

Apart from a few minor hic ups it’s been fine, like change of terminal and lounge booking etc..

Flight over was slightly delayed but the hotel is wonderful and just like I remembered it.

We did have a funny moment just before dinner, the hotel photographer offered to take our picture. This was fine until he suggested that my girlfriend stepped to the side so mum and dad could have a picture taken together. This assumption didn’t go down to well so we spent the rest of the evening making him subtlety aware of his mistake.

We’ve had some interesting looks from the staff and guests, but we are just being us.

The looks I’ve had after kissing both my partners has been most amusing.

We did end up playing a game of pass it on in the bar last night involving kisses, nibbles and subtle caresses.

We are still working on PSOA (public showing of affection) and where the limit is, but it’s all good fun.

2 thoughts on “Poly holiday – Day 1&2

  1. Hey, if the hotel people etc get on your nerves, put on a show! Aww yew know…… kinda like Beetlejuice when he agrees to help Lydia: “Mwahahahah, it’s SHOWTIME!” Although I doubt you’d be able to make giant shrimp arms appear out of the spice cocktail……..

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