Virtue and Vice

Quote by Marquis De Sade - Virtue

I’ve been thinking a lot about a quote credited to the Marquis De Sade

“In order to know Virtue we must first acquaint ourselves with vice”

Marquis De Sade

It first begs the question, what is virtue and vice? How do we measure them and by what standards can we compare them?

Take for example the number of sexual partners we each may have, is there such a thing as having too many sexual partners?

If you have a lot, does it automatically make you a sex addict? Therefore, is sex your vice? Has your sexual behaviour become a barrier and hindrance to a truly loving relationship?

Is having a large number of sexual partners and experience a good thing, is it actually a virtue or a vice?

I suspect that the answer to this comes down to what you learn by the experience. If it makes you a more patient and considerate lover, it becomes a Virtue, but if you stumble from from one meaningless hook up to the next it has obviously become a Vice.

So it’s not really about keeping score, it’s about what you learn during the journey that really counts in the end.

The following blog post was my inspiration, take a look and draw your own conclusions and feel free to leave a comment or insight.

Source: On Virtue and Vice

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