Are you actually Solo Poly?

Solo poly girl on a beach

SOLO POLY is an approach to polyamory that emphasises agency and does not seek to engage in relationships that are tightly couple-centric.

People who identify as solo poly emphasise autonomy, the freedom to choose their own relationships without seeking permission from others, and flexibility in the form their relationships take.

Such people generally don’t want or need relationships that look like traditional couples, and may not, for example, seek to live with a partner(s) or combine finances with a partner(s).

People can end up being solo poly by either choice or circumstance.

Some people prefer solo polyamory because they are generally unwilling to merge their lives with their partner(s), others just happen to be solo by nature and  may desire to be open to a more committed relationships in the future, but that just don’t fit with their life plans at the moment.

Solo polyamory can also be the expression of set of personal values. Those that prefer solo polyamory generally embrace autonomy as a paramount value of their own, and that of others.

Solo poly people may or may not also be classed as “single,” in the conventional sense, they may have one or more intimate partners who play a significant, ongoing role in our lives or just have no relationships.

Like any identity label, the definition of solo poly is  mostly subjective, there is a lots of room for personal interpretation, subtle variation in approach, potential disagreement and undefined gray areas of uncertainty.

If Solo Poly works for you “dip your bread”.

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2 thoughts on “Are you actually Solo Poly?

  1. For us – no. I’ve known others who live like that. Some are miserable. Some are among the happiest people I’ve ever met. Again – spectrum!

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