Transactional Awareness

Growth and transactional awareness

I shared one of the older posts on another site and an interesting point was raised – “transactional awareness”.

Here’s the original article – Always pay your rent

The comment concluded that love is not just a transaction, in fact I  whole heartily agree. It is just one component for maintaining a happy and loving relationship which is likely to require a great deal more.

The comment then went on to say that transactional awareness has no place in a relationship, which I disagree with, in fact to the the contrary, some transactional agreements need to be allowed in for an orderly allocation of responsibility for  things like chores and monetary contributions to shared activities.

This original article does perhaps oversimplify the dynamics around maintaining equity and expectation in a romantic relationship, but I believe that equating it in terms of “rent” is a good analogy and does not encourages a small-minded and quid pro quo style of arrangement unless all parties involved are pretty shallow.

So have a read, see what you think and leave a comment.

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