Whispering in an ear

secretary style red pencil dress

“She’s awesome. I’ve told her everything. You’re in good hands, I promise. Again, I’m so, so sorry.”

I had the pleasure of reading the following story on a rather slow and boring Friday, it did the trick and lifted my soul.

It automatically conjured up visions of those amazing 1950’s pencil dresses and hobble skirts, just like the image I’ve added to this post.

There is something wonderfully feminine about them that I find highly alluring.

“The dress hugged her curves so tightly he wondered if she’d be able to sit down in it.”


The brain is by far the biggest and best sex organ in the human body, it needs to be exercised on a regular basis to keep it ticking over, even if the thoughts are not acted upon, but in most cases this is always where the action should start.

Words can act as an amazing aphrodisiac, but you need sentences overflowing with affirmations that fill an inner need to feel sexy and desired.

Panting a picture verbally of what you want to do by whispering in an ear is a sure fire way to get thinks started, because it taps into both physical and mental appeal.

The warmth of  breath upon the neck and ear that will most likely send chills down the spine, mixed with well chosen words that will drive a sexual desire.

Source: The terrible no good day that eventually got better

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