Male Unicorn Rules

Male un

I just read a post on Reddit from a young gay guy who’s considering entering into a relationship with a married gay couple.

Unicorn hunter alarm bells started going off as soon as I read it. He’s very new to Poly and in my view likely to be taken advantage of if he’s not careful.

Unicorn hunting is mostly male/female couples, but some themes of dating a gay couples are similar in my view. 

Namely, people date people, not relationships. He is going to need to make sure his voice is heard in conversations and discussions.

He shouldn’t just agree to their rules for protecting their relationship, because his relationship with each of them is just as valid.

I wrote a bit about simple unicorn rules a while back that seems very relevant.

Previous post –  Simple Unicorn Rules

I hope that my fears are ungrounded, but it just needed to be said. I may update this post as the thread develops.

2 thoughts on “Male Unicorn Rules

  1. Some thoughts based upon my experiences here. Although you did not say or imply it, it needs to be said that gay couples, and therefore potential gay triads, run the full spectrum of the kinds of relationships that could exist, from “just in it for the sex” to “looking for a third to share full love.” Just like straight people. Also – just like straight people – many a gay guy or girl have thought of themselves as exclusively gay, you know, “no other-gender partner for ME, thank kew!” – only to stumble over someone of the opposite sex and go hog-wild with lust. And sometimes, real love. Personally, I think that we all of us have a tendency to limit ourselves; and then we say silly things like, “Oh, I could never have sex with another woman!” – or man. A friend of ours named Terrence, six-foot eight and a totally alpha gay guy, met an Australian women about nine years ago – and wound up marrying her. (As her husband). You gotta think sometimes before opening your mouth, because it can close your mind when / if you do LOL!

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  2. All good points, I have developed a personal dislike of Unicorn Hunters. This perhaps colours my views on te matter.
    If it true love, he should go for it but with his eyes open 🙂


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