11 days until poly holiday

Flying out on holiday

The days until our first ever polyamorous holiday are ticking down and the anticipation is building. I’ve noticed recently that my concerns about how other people react have greatly reduced over the last few months, I believe the same is true for my two wonderful partners.

In fact, I really suspect that to other people we just appear as three people enjoying each others company and its only when open demonstrations of affection are demonstrated that eyebrows begin to become raised.

I suspect that while we are away, we’ll just go with the flow and do what we want. That’s perhaps the benefit of being on holiday around people you are unlikely to ever see or met again.

That does not mean we will openly court confrontation or make other people feel uncomfortable, we’ll just be ourselves.

To be honest, we’ve dealt with this sort of issue while we’ve been out as a big poly family, so I’m not really sure this will be a problem and anyone that has a problem can politely, mind their own business in my opinion.

I’d be interested to hear comments and thoughts from anyone out there that’s had to deal with this in the past.

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