Counting the cost

Counting the cost of polyamory

The last couple of months have been great fun and I’ve really enjoyed them, but a subject that’s often neglected is the actual financial costs of being poly.

Operating more than one relationship can generate additional costs that many people fail to consider. All parties involved are likely to incur these costs without really seeing them, especially if they are widely geographically distributed.

They normally come in the form of travel, accommodation, meals out, day trips, gifts, communication, parking, surprises etc…

I’m not suggesting that all these things are downsides, actually they are all positive, but being aware of them and spreading the load is always worth considering and managing. It’s so easy to get swept away with the moment and find a massive credit card bill landing upon your door mat.

So budgeting sensibly when you are poly is always worth a bit of thought and planning in my opinion.

There are simple steps that can be taken to minimise the risk of a nasty surprises such as planning the logistics to avoid taking multiple vehicles. Being cost aware of what those additional cost will do to your monthly budgets and compromising when necessary to stay within budget.

Planning our first poly holiday has been a master class on this front. Doing everything possible to get the biggest bang for our buck, so to speak.

Sharing a room has brought the cost down, planning how we get to the airport, holiday money, baggage weight allowances, airport parking, pre-trip accommodation and travel plans.

I’m not suggesting in anyway that it’s not worth the investment, I’m just cautioning about the potentially costs and managing them responsibly, there by mitigating nasty surprises in the future.

Polyamorous teaches us all to communicate openly, manage time and limited resources effectively.

Go into it with your eyes open and the benefits are true wonderful.


5 thoughts on “Counting the cost

  1. So true. We noticed this cost straight away, even with just dating, because Jared is very anti letting a woman pay for dinner, drinks, etc. so we spending a LOT of money. Like you – not saying it’s not worth it but definitely something we didn’t consider in the beginning.

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  2. Great posts, this is something we didn’t think of until the first month that my husband traveled south to his boyfriend. We now have it in the monthly budget, but then there is the talk when I get my other love.

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  3. Thank you for this. W/we are attempting to coordinate time together in the next few months– plane flights from abroad, domestic flights, horels, meals, entertainment, play time… Glad W/we not alone! 💜

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