Many Loves

I really like this particular piece by Emily, hence my decision to reblog it today.

We had another poly family day out over in Brighton. It was quite wonderful walking along the sea front as a family of three plus two, very fitting considering the nature and reputation of Brighton as the alternative relationship capital of the UK.

We did the pier and messed around on the various rides, taking it in turn to look after the bags and kids.

We finally gave up and went for some food in a quite wonderful Brazilian restaurant on the way back to the car park. It was so good just being ‘us’ as a poly family, it made me smile so much just listen to the conversation flow like water over a shared meal.

Finally I did the drive back to my temporary house further along the south coast with a car full of over fed and snoozing bodies.

It was such a shame when my wife and kids finally packed up the car and headed back to the Midlands, tomorrow they’ll be back to school and probably tell their friends about our family weekend, for them it just how we are.

Anyway, over to Emily and her wonderful way with words as the Sands of time run down on the weekend.

“In my dream, I was one of many… I was welcomed by two into union of three loved by them, they took me in under their wings, gently guiding me with compassion strong, and wise songs of polyamorous merging, of multiple souls”

Source: Many Loves

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