Clueless people

Clueless stupid people

We have just had a wonderful day out today as one big crazy poly family at a theme park.

It was so much fun and only marred by one incident during lunch. It was one of those pizza & pasta serve yourself affairs.

I was up at the pizza buffet collecting a couple of slices, I turned around and felt my knee strike something with a thump. I looked down to find a little boy, of no more than three lying on his back upon the floor holding his head. It was most apparent that as I turned, my knee must have struck his head, I was mortified.

I bent down just as he burst into tears and started holding his head, I looked around but a parent was nowhere to be seen, I ask several people and none claimed the lad.

Luckily a vigilant member of staff came to the crying child’s aid. It was at this point the child’s mother finally noticed and came over from the next room.

I tried to explain what had happened, asked if he was okay and was then met with what I can only describe as probably the most unpleasant, hostile and sarcastic comments I have ever had the misfortune to be on the receiving end of.

I backed away to give her space, accepting she was understandably upset and returned to my waiting family, a little shocked and upset to be honest.

I told them all what had happened and tried to calm down. The next thing I saw was the mother, walking around the restaurant obviously looking for me. She then proceeded to attempt to tell me how badly hurt her kid was and how I should look where I’m going. She of course failed to accept the fact that the child was not being supervised and had been allowed to play in a busy and potentially dangerous dinning room.

I apologised anyway, I was still upset that the lad had been hurt, but her need to verbally attack me really annoyed me and my partners.

After she finally left a member of staff approached and asked if we were okay, we explain what had happened and she was wonderfully understanding and called over her team leader. We suggested that it might be a good idea to see if the mother needed assistance from a first aid qualified member of staff.

He went over to see her and ask.

Soon after he returned and explain that the offer had been repeatedly declined, but the women had asked for a full refund for her parties meal and tickets for the day. He just smiled and said the boy was totally fine and he had seen the whole affair. In his view it was not my fault, it was an accident that could have been avoided if she had been actually supervising her child like a responsible parent.

This I’m afraid  is a prime example of someone’s own guilt driving a need to blame other’s and exploit a situation for there own personal gain.

I suspect karma may be paying this women a visit in the near future, but I’m just glad the child is okay.

5 thoughts on “Clueless people

  1. As the father of three children, now long passed into adulthood, the idea of not watching over your kids is simply child abuse. Parents beat children, they verbally humiliate them, some sexually abuse them; but ignoring your child is in the same arena. One time when my youngest was about 15 months old, we were in our backyard having a barbecue. I had one of those ‘oil can’ Foster beers at my side on the bench. My son grabbed it and was gonna take a swig when I saw him. I got the can away from him, him yowling in protest. You really have to pay attention like that! Back in the days when we lived in trees, not watching your children was an invitation to whatever predators were about to have free lunch. The saber-tooth cats are long gone, but the hazards remain. You did very well under the circumstances and I applaud you. Don’t feel bad. The mother ought to be horsewhipped. I say ‘ought,’ but then that would mean the child would be up for foster care and all of that.

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      1. Sometimes ya gotta say fuck being politically correct. I don’t know about the UK, but where I live, the police go crazy on people who abuse or neglect their kids. At least they got that right. If in the same scenario here, if the parents called the police on me, they’d be the ones in a lot of trouble for negligent endangerment of a minor.

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