The Great Illusion

The Great illusion created by consent

There is sometimes a total misunderstanding about the Top/bottom dynamic within a good sub/Dom relationship that’s easily overlooked by those new to the scene.

Many would be “Tops” enter the scene and assume that by adopting the title of ‘Master’ or ‘Mistress’ they have actually become one and therefore must automatically be honoured and respected by all bottoms, subs and slaves.


The only bottoms likely to buy into this BS, are those with even less knowledge and understanding than our poor delusional wannabe Top.

All those in the know, feel free at this point to roll your eyes, look skyward or shake your head in despair.

Our new arrival is likely to undergo a rather swift and rude awakening, as the reality bites back and eats their beautifully crafted, yet ill informed fantasy alive.

The truth is very simple, true power within any BDSM relationship has to be earned and also freely given. The real control of that power residues firmly with the bottom and I like to call it the “The Great Illusion”.

That feeling of power and control I experience when I scene is a carefully crafted shared illusion, based upon trust and created by consent between my play partner and myself.

When you get it right, it’s the most amazing feeling and experience. That’s when you get to open the door to Top and sub space – Nirvana.

I pity those who will never experience or understand this feeling, they are unfortunately only buying into their own self centred and manufacturered delusion by try to achieve the desired feeling through effectively stealing power from others.

This method is doomed to failure and most likely cause untold damage to anyone it touches.

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