Paraphilia – Edge Play

Darkness in a bdsm scene

I like to play in the darker areas of myself.

Paraphilia – is a well documented condition often characterised by abnormal sexual desires, typically involving extreme or dangerous activities.

Within BDSM this is often described as ‘Edge Play’, yet within the framework of RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) fantasies and desires can become safely manifested into reality.

I personally find myself often drawn into these area like a moth to a flame, they make me smile and even laugh for some inexplicable reason.

There is something totally intoxicating about playing on the ragged edge, it makes me feel alive. It is not the sort of place for the faint hearted and will always carry with it an element of risk, but that’s also the allure I guess.

Controlled fear is an amazing feeling, that’s why we climb, jump out of planes or get on roller coasters. It reminds us that we are alive.

Thats why both my partners, like to join me on those trips into the darker parts of my mind and imagination.

My Dragon Fly and Alice, thank you for embracing my darkness.

I love you xXx

6 thoughts on “Paraphilia – Edge Play

  1. Paraphilia? Here in the US, that word will start a psychiatrist salivating. Of all the “psych-” doctors, psychiatrists are the worst. They’re like lab rats, a dime a dozen and nobody gives a shit about them. “American psychiatry” is hard to nutshell, but if you want a good look at it, watch an old Jack Nicholson movie, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

    In the meanwhile, follow these easy steps: 1. Open window 2. Take Rule Book 3. Pitch Rule Book out of window 4. Have fun!

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