A made-up word for slutty

Polyamorous and being considered slutty

As I understand the word polyamorous was first used in the early ’90s and has been with us ever since, I read a while back an interesting suggestion about the origin of this word and here it is.

“Polyamorous” is a made-up word for slutty

So based on this quote I’m by definition a slut or at least behaving in a slutty way and so are any partners I chose to have a relationship with. Does this strike anyone apart from myself as some what ridiculous?

For me personally, it no longer makes sense to think that my love for one person diminishes my ability to love others. For example it is quite acceptable to describe a number of people as ‘best friend’, having more than one does not reduce that friendship, therefore why should love be any different.

In fact there are a loads of benefits that come with polyamorous relationships. For example having the freedom to explore my feelings with new people, the need to be honest with my partners and there by allowing them to be honest with me in return. This can result in a feeling of being connected to a potential almost infinite web of love, care and understanding.

There are also potentially so many small moments of joy to be gained, like cooking a meal for my partners or being excited to hear about a partner’s new relationships.

There are also some possible downsides, for example when poly relationships start to fail they can easily implode in an exponentially more ugly way because of their nature and the emotions involved and blurring of lines between multiple parties. Bur in my view that’s a price worth paying, because when it works it can be a truly experience and feeling

Poly will always involve a lot more communication and scheduling then a simple dyad, but thats also part of it attraction. Polyamorous has made me a better person in my view. Truth, trust, honesty and being open about how I feel have become my standards.

5 thoughts on “A made-up word for slutty

  1. Hoo boy! Where to begin? Well, at the beginning derp….

    >“Polyamorous is a made-up word for slutty.” That makes every practicing Muslim and Mormon an army of sluts. I mean, I am neither one but they were here before us, just like those blokes in the Bible who had four wives (including Moses).

    >”For me personally, it no longer makes sense to think that my love for one person diminishes my ability to love others.” Sara told me over fifteen years ago, “You can love more than one person with all of your heart because the heart is infinite – and it IS!

    >”There are also some possible downsides……” Yes, it happens. My first one imploded in 1985 and I put it in a song ~ “It fell apart amidst the jealousy, the paranoia and the ecstasy.” (Tell you what, I’ll hunt up the full lyrics later and post them, the song is called “Even When it’s Wrong.”)

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