Amazing Poly Family

Polyamory and a family

Yesterday was a very good day for me, we had another poly family day out and it was so much fun.

We all spent the day together messing around at a theme park, just having a good time and enjoying each others company.

The kids had a good time too, my youngest seemed to be attached to my girlfriend for most of the day. I’m just so happy how accepting they are.

When we got home it was all hands to te pumps for food, the Mexican was perfect and a really social meal.

Then we settled down infront of the television and chatted, cuddled and generally relaxed while complaining about various ached and pains caused by the day.

Poly families are really wonderful place to be, I’m just sad that I have to travel back down south tonight, I suspect it will be one of many poly family weekends this summer.

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