Poly what?

Polyamory hearts

Polyamory may have made it into the mainstream media but there are still people that haven’t heard about it.

I always take pleasure in education g people on the subject and hope that all those who embrace polyamorous as a relationship decision help with those that know little of nothing about it.

I’m personally glad that I discovered it and adore those who have actively chosen to come along on my personal journey of discovery.

The following blog post is a good example for us all on how to promote and inform others about our life style.

Have a look and see what you think.

“I met a really nice woman at a meetup today, we were talking about permacultureand I was explaining a little about the projects and without thinking in the same sentence I also made reference to the other person I’m dating and as soon as I had done that I knew she was totally confused.”

Source: poly what?

One thought on “Poly what?

  1. I’ve seen this happen in the lives of others, but me? I’ve always been an outlaw, a deliberate outsider to a world which should not exist as it is – but DOES. When I was younger I always had my middle finger in the air when it came to “forbidden” sexuality. But as I’ve aged, or maybe grew up a bit, I’ve learned to face the shock and occasional condemnation with a smile, because for every nay-sayer I’ve met, there are at least five who’ll smile and say, “Oh, wow, cool!”

    ………………….and it IS cool!

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