If polyamory was 100% accepted

A better way - polyamory vs monogamy

Here’s an interesting idea, how many people would be in some form of polyamorous relationship if polyamory was 100% accepted by normal society?

I suspect that the number would higher than you’d expect if the truth be known.

If you actually considering how many people are currently involed in what can only be described as unethically nonmonogamous you would probably get some idea.

I’m inclined to believe that it is likely to be at least a third to half of the population.

I’m not suggesting in anyway that polyamory will “solve” all of the cheating that goes on, or that it’s not possible for polyamorous people to cheat.

But i think you’ll agree that there are a lot of so-called “monogamous” people who are actually terrible at being monogamy.

I’d be likely to bet good money that if there was an ethical way to behave and it was widely accepted as an alternative to monogamy that most would go with it as an opinion and most likely do much better for the most part with it as a relationship opinion. 

4 thoughts on “If polyamory was 100% accepted

  1. Part of the problem in the West has been the Church’s monopoly on who can and who can not have sex, when to have sex, why to have sex, ad inifinitum ad nauseum. Up until the 14th century, men could marry men, women could marry women, and extended households were fairly common. The former two were usually limited to monks, nuns and the occasional scholar; extended households were of benefit because everyone’s work load was mitigated, especially for women. Children grew up with a number of parents, not just two. If John took a liking to David’s wife Abigail – or to David – there was latitude enough for it to happen.

    This is not to say that our medieval forebears were all polyamorous, far from it. Most people opted for a mono relationship, but if it didn’t work out, oh. well. Move on to another! These days this is called “serial monogamy.”

    Were polyamory suddenly magically normal and accepted in our world, I think we’d see a lot of experimentation. It would IMHO be very much like finding out you were released from a prison. Some, perhaps many might go wild, but I think eventually quite a number of folks would resolve into some sort of serial monogamy. Not us, though!

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  2. I concur with everything you express here. In my heart, I kind of believe that everyone is naturally polyamorous but not everyone is awakened to it yet. But, that may be an idealistic view and a dream of a world that is a long ways away. 😉 How lovely it would be.

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  3. The amount of people I talk to how never knew this was an option. The lack of awareness of anything other than monogamy is quite telling. It’s like if you can’t do monogamy you cannot do relationships properly and are a bad person *finger wag*

    It makes me so happy that these conversations are becoming more regular, more voices bigger impact 🙂 xx

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