This week so far…

Polyamorous mantraThis week has been a bit tough on one of my partners due to work and other things conspiring against us. I’ve been away from home since about 8pm last Sunday, when I set off for work and I won’t get back till later tonight, subject to traffic. The kids and her miss me and would normally have me back on a Thursday.

I’m not a fan of training courses at the best of times and when they impact upon my routine and family its even worse.

On a brighter note, I was able to meet my other partners parents and friends which was really cool and needed to be done (see posts from earlier this week – Meeting the parents)

If fact meeting her friends was actually more nerve racking than the parents, but they’re a good bunch and I’m looking forward to getting to know them all better.

Sitting around with them chatting and playing board and card games was  great fun, particularly “Cards Against Humanity” – See – Haiku – Humanity

I liked the game so much I’ve been seriously considering buying a set today, I suspect that a lot of my friends would really love it 🙂

We have a busy weekend planned as a family of five, including rampaging through a theme park and generally catching-up with each other.

It should be a good weekend and bring us all back together as an amazing unit.



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