Negative People

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” ~Joyce Meyer

Every one of us most probably has to deal with negative people on a daily basis within our lives.

The key to successfully dealing with  negativity is first identifying it for what it is. This can be hard when it originates from a friend or person we are close to.

Negativity can be highly destructive and contagious. It’s easy to be drawn into it by trying to help and solve an issue that is often deeply routed within another person.

Negativity can also be used by others to try and influence our actions or decision making process, sometimes it is better to keep our distance.

The following post discusses this subject and provides some excellent suggestions on how to identify and deal with negative people, take a look and feel free to leave a comment.

Source: How to Deal with Negative People

One thought on “Negative People

  1. He certainly spells it out! The last negative people with whom I had to deal were at my last job. When I got my termination notice – and this’ll be two years ago – one of the first good things to come of it was, no more sullen, backbiting, miserable co-workers. To be fair not everyone was like that, but keeping a smile was a real chore at times. Now that I’m retired, the only negativity which I face is my own – and I nip it in the bud. I can only wish you as well!

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