Meeting the parents

Meeting the parents

Two nights ago was an interesting experience, I met my girlfriends parents for the first time.

Not an unusual step to take as a relationship begins to develop and mature but perhaps slightly different considering a few interesting factors about ours, the main ones being it’s polyamorous and our age difference, so its complicated 😉

I was actually fairly relaxed about the whole situation to be honest, I tend to only be open about being poly with people I trust and who are unlikely to be judgemental.

We had a really lovely evening with some good food and conversation. I’m just glad that they are happy for their daughter.

I made sure that I talked about my wife and children, so they become real within their understanding of our relationships.

I’m glad we had the chance to meet them both before the up and coming holiday, they now know the man going on holiday with their daughter (girlfriend) and his wife.

Once again my mantra of truth, trust, honesty and open communication helped me to make the right impression.

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