Perfect Poly Pals


I’ve decided to pitching my tent and hoist my flat in the ‘wow, poly rocks ‘ camp these days.


Basically, I’ve discovered that monogamy is not the only way. The idea of finding ONE person to love forever, yes just ONE person, FOREVER seems insane! In fact this has always seemed slightly… well wrong, it also feels a little antiquated/old-school.

So why open up? Simple, why trash a perfectly good relationship on the off chance that the grass is going to be greener with the next relationship, this in my book makes so much sense.

When you really start look at things from this sort of angle, you have to start to look at a whole new system of sex, love and relationships that’s out there and has been driven by our love of being connected via the internet, it becomes the next logical step.

Once we remove the pressure to find the ONE and start to open ourself up to a life of plenty, we then take away binary gender codes too and you’ve now got a vast landscape of possibility, endless different ways you can experience love. It all starts to make a bit more sense.

I’ve also learned so much, I can talk endlessly about dyads and triads and relationship anarchy with true confidence and underdtanding. For most people, polyamory is far more about the philosophy of sharing and openness than it is about sleeping around.


This is the mystical empathetic happiness of seeing somebody you love feeling happy, is a state many more of us could do with embracing, extra partners or not. Taking joy in this new emotional concept is highly under rated and misunderstood.

So while many amount us chose to plough a narrow furrows, consider sowing a few wild oats, make hay while the sun shines and and other agricultural metaphors you can to add into the mix.

One thought on “Perfect Poly Pals

  1. Compersion is one of the most challenging aspects of any non-monogamous lifestyle. It’s also one of the most rewarding. It takes practice, patience and a LOT of communication. It’s something I work on and aspire to every day. Not just as it relates to the LS, but in my everyday life. Envy and jealousy are such awful emotions to feel. To be able to be truly happy for others is an entirely new way of approaching the world. Worst case scenario, I become a better person for it.

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