A holiday like no other

three cherries

So we are on the count down to our first holiday in many years, but not any ordinary one, this will be my first ever experience of a true poly holiday (Excited!) .

So as the days count down I’m beginning to get ready and making all the usual preparations, but how do you prepare for going away with someone who you don’t know that we’ll yet?

You see my partner is in a poly relationship with another person, this being my metamour. However, having only met on a handful of occasions and due to distance we can’t all see each other together as often as we might like, therefore I find myself quiet often in a very strange sort of mood. I can’t quiet put my finger on how best to describe it to be honest but I’m working on it.

So a number of thoughts and feelings have been going through my mind recently, such as

“What if we all go away and have a big argument so the holiday is ruined?”

It’s filling me with a feeling of dread and panic at times, but this followed up by the security of knowing that we have always all operate within a policy of truth and trust, we are open and honest with each other no matter what it’s about, which does help a lot, I personally find it very reassuring.

These sorts of thoughts and feelings have been playing on me a lot recently, so I share them.

With the bank holiday coming up, we are all planning to spend the long weekend together. It will be all of us as a big family unit, which I am really looking forward to.

I have thoughts, feelings and hopes about this too, but they are ones which I don’t wish to share publicly at the moment 😉 All I can say is that they are good and very positive.

I’m hoping that this weekend will help put aside some of the anxiety and questions that have been running through me about our pending holiday.

I’m sure it will be an amazing experience and bring us closer 🙂

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