I can’t resist you

Desire - I want you so bad

You sit there before me mine for the taking. “go on you know you want to” you say.

I’ve been wanting you for so long but have resisted.

I can smell you you smell so good nothing else in the world smells like you.

I run my fingers across you feeling you beneath them.

I want you so bad.

I quickly remove what’s lying between us. I take you in my hand hard and thick.

I take you in my mouth your taste fills me slowly I suck you as you melt again I take you and I suck and nibble you.

You taste so good I know I shouldn’t be doing this. Before I know it your gone and what am I left with?

An empty chocolate wrapper and a head full of regret.

Don’t do it stick to the diet. The fantasy is much better than the reality.

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