Unicorn Hunters Again


Elmer Fudd - it's unicorn hunting season

I understand that unicorn hunting is never going to go away, but I’m really getting quite amazed at the lack of thought or effort going into some of the attempts to bag one of those mystical beasts.

Given the chance and mathematical odds against locating such a creature you’d at least expect some amazing creativity, care and attention to have been lavished upon these profiles and ads.

I was woefully underwhelmed but what I found and honestly flabbergasted by some of the statements appearing on hunters profiles.

Don’t even get me started on their shopping lists of requirements.

I suppose the good news is probably that these individuals are highly unlikely to get anywhere near any possible candidates and most will have the good sense to run, hide or laugh at the “Elmer Fudd” styled inept would be hunters.

However the fate of those too slow, stupid or otherwise preoccupied is likely to be messy.

Elmer Fudd unicorn hunting the wrong way


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