Metamour Magic

I love my wife and girlfriend

I wrote the title for this post before I even knew what it was going to be about, so forgive me now if it tends to ramble.

When you’re caught in the middle, it can sometimes be a tough place to be. However, I’m luck enough to be in the amazing situation where my partners get on really well and support each other.

I suspect this is down mainly down to how wonderfully loving they both are naturally as people and also how well they communicate with each other and myself.

Another factor that shouldn’t go unmentioned, is the constant practice of being considerate towards the other people within the relationship(s). We all try to be careful not to make assumptions or take anything for granted. This can sometime seem like stating the obvious, but when you think about it, something that is obvious to one person may not always be obvious to another. So what harm is there in pointing out the obvious just in case its not?

Basically I have I have two totally amazing people in my life and to give you an idea, take a look at the following posts made by them both over the last couple of months and you’ll see what I mean – *hugs*


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