34 Days till polyday

Three happy people Jumping on a beach in te

The days are starting to really fly past since we booked our first true poly day away together.

I’ve been thinking about how we will deal with the whole social media ball of wax. Basically there is a desire to share special moments and pictures from our holiday but not necessarily with everyone from our circle of friends and family. We are fairly open about our situation with people we trust but others may not be so receptive about it.

So I suspect we will all be sitting down together and planning exactly how we want to handle this situation.

There is a fine line to be struck between being open  and honest verses whacking a potential hornets nest with a big stick.

This is a decision we will make and take together as a “soft-triad”. I guess that it’s part of the relationship maturing process.

Social media is both a blessing and a curse, this is why I bolted my own profile down a while back. The world is full of prejudice, social media platforms like Facebook have become critical tools within recruitment and social cohesion.

I am also mindful of judgments made by those who will never be open to the possibility that polyamory is a viable and working relationship option. I don’t expect everyone to suddenly become poly or understand it but I will pick my fights when the outcome is favourable.

If asked by people, I’m happy to share information as long as it will not be used as a way to attack me or the people I love and care for.

I’m actually looking forward to meeting my girlfriends family in the not too distant future. Their concern is for her happiness and that’s a perfect beginning from my perspective.

Consider this an open and public declaration of my love for my children, wife and girlfriend.

I am poly, I am proud, I am open, I am honest, I am truthful and dare to love.


2 thoughts on “34 Days till polyday

  1. Ma’am this may be a little off the subject! but i would like you to know that this slave is retired Us Navy seal team #5 and for you to enjoy your life no matter what anyone thinks is what i fought and strive for!

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