Warning – Poly Rant ahead

Just say no to unicorn hunting and hunters

It’s not often that I feel a real urge to rant about the behaviour or beliefs of someone I’ve never met or likely to met, but I’ve decided that this particular individual requires special attention. I will however draw the line by not naming and shaming them.

Let me explain, one of my partners was recently contacted by an individual via private message on Fetlife. In itself this is not an issue, however the opening statement on the senders “About Me” section of their profile was a bit of a red rag to a bull for both of us.

Here is the statement:-

About me

“My lifestyle is founded on two beliefs; that woman are naturally bisexual, and a man is naturally polygamist.”

WTF, began to flash in big red letters in my mind within milliseconds of reading this truly amazing statement.

I honestly can’t  fathom how anyone can seriously consider such a set of fundamentally flawed beliefs to be acceptable, realistic and actually worth publicly stating. I must admit I was fully expecting a flat earth declaration next so I continued to read, purely out of morbid curiosity I should add.

He continued…

“I have two female partners in their early twenties who have both experienced a relationship with me and another woman.”

So not really a problem, so far but then…

“They are now each looking for a new female lover to join their relationship with me and satisfy their emotional and sexual needs to be with another woman.”

He shots, he scores…

Yet another WTF moment, it’s starting to read like a serial “Unicorn Hunter” manifesto…

Have I missed something, what’s in it for these amazing two 3rd parties?

“The girls are artistic and creative with a real passion for life, and our experiences so far have been wholly rewarding, which is why both are wanting to regain the dynamic.”

I was a little confused at this point, I was failuring to see any dynamic being described.

I then began wondering, why the partners weren’t looking look for themselves?

It was at this point I noted the complete lack of any relationship links on the profile, it’s was only created three days ago and the creator seems to be totally clueless.

I was very tempted to drop them a note to find out exactly how stupid they truly are.

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