Don’t ask, don’t tell

Don't ask don't tell - finger to lips

Personally I would never entertain or consider being involved with anyone who claims to be operating under a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” agreement. The reason for this from my perspective is simple

Question: How do you know that it’s actually true and the person is not just cheating?

Answer: You don’t and never will under such an agreement.

Even if it is true, you have to ask yourself why the partners in an existing relationship cannot be honest and open with each other. This suggests issues within that relationship that are not being addressed and dealt with, alarm bells should be ringing.

Take a look at this blog post, it makes the point really well.

Tick… Tick… Tick…

Being Polyamorous is many things to different people. It’s foundation changes from person to person, relationship to relationship, cheeseburger to cheesecake.

Source: The Don’t Ask Don’t Tell Time Bomb

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