To my Metamour

Metamour holding hands

This is just a note to say, thank you for being you in every way.

You’ve made me see that there is another way.

The mindfulness you show, puts my demons to rest and you help bring out my very best.

And when we’re together its all so right especially when we’re all snuggled up at night.

But thing that I like most is that we’re so honest and true and that’s why I wrote this just for you

You see these words I write come straight from my heart and it does not like it when we’re apart.

So thank you for being just who you are.

My very special Metamour xxx

6 thoughts on “To my Metamour

    1. Glad you liked it I don’t tend to write much but do when I have an inspiration and my beautiful Metamore was a very good inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

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